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Sharing Resources

The Norwegian Museum Network for Democracy and Human Rights is very much about collaboration and sharing knowledge to better our practices, across the field of professional museums and related institutions.

With grants from the Arts Council of Norway / Kulturrådet we are about to launch a digital platform for sharing resources, not only domestically, but with colleagues and akin institutions around the world.

Here you will find best practice examples from Norwegian institutions committed to education on human rights and democratic citizenship. You will also find a collection of open-source articles based on experiences made through projects both in Norway and abroad. And finally, you will find information that makes you find colleagues and institutions to contact, if you plan for a future project or another form of collaboration.

The digital platform for sharing resources will be launched step by step from medio 2022. From then on, it will be continually updated with new inspirational content.

If you have a relevant project or experience we should know about, please contact us to discuss how you can contribute to this platform. demokratinettverket@eidsvoll1814.no.

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