Hopp til hovedinnhold

About Demokratinettverket

The Norwegian Museum Network for Democracy and Human Rights was established on 14 March 2016 in the Constituent Assembly Hall in the historical Eidsvoll House.

Nine museums and human rights centres first signed the foundational memorandum, a number that has since risen to 26 institutions as of January 2022. Like all other Norwegian national museum networks, ours is based on a formal agreement with the Arts Council of Norway. The museum Eidsvoll 1814 coordinates network activities.

Demokratinettverket is open to museums and related institutions in Norway dealing with democracy and human rights issues through research, documentation, exhibitions, education and/or other public activities. The main purpose is to strengthen this work through the following activities:

  • Sharing relevant research and other knowledge resources

  • Developing competence within the area of museum education and sharing experiences from community-based activities
  • Connecting with relevant professional institutions in Norway, in particular knowledge and research centres dedicated to the advancement of democratic citizenship
  • Participating in international museum networks to share expertise and exchange best practice examples
  • Evaluating and critically discussing efforts and achievements, as well as facilitating new cross-institutional projects.

Participating institutions

The network’s hallmark is that it brings together museums, memorial sites, human rights centres, as well as NGOs that work to disseminate knowledge about human rights through education.